May 3, 2011

I told many people I would never own a dog. There was one in particular that I loved growing up, so I am not anti-dog. It is just that cats are easier to take care of. And as a busy mom of three, I didn’t care to bring another thing into our house that would going to requiring cleaning-up after.

However I caved. . .big time. I convinced myself that not only did my daughter want a dog, but I did as well. And that’s the short-version of how we came in possession of Ollie – our super-sweet Golden Retriever.

Did I mention how much we love having him? It is a ton of work, however I concede that it is worth it. Plus my daughter, who has wanted a dog since her exile from the womb couldn’t be happier. Here I believe she is cleaning his ears!?! lol I can’t believe how big he has gotten in such a short time.