June 22, 2011

As I was updating my portfolio with new birth photos, I ran across this one of my friend. I was blessed to be a part of not one but two of her births. The first time around I was still shooting 35mm – so most of the birth was shot on film with just a couple digital shots I got from my “new” digital camera. I am not sure I even have a picture from that birth in my portfolio (something to add to my to-do list).

By the time second time around, I was all digital which was good because the lighting conditions were particularly poor. My friend, whose water had broken 35.5 weeks, had to give birth in an O.R. as a precaution. The room was dark and with spotlight aimed where the doctor needed to see. However despite the challenges of the environment, the pictures still convey what was intended – what this birth mom needed – documentation of her third child’s birth.

This picture is a favorite of mine. It reminds me of one of the most amazing things about being a birth photographer – capturing uncensored emotion. The joy, excitement and love in her eyes and the connection she is sharing with her husband at this moment melts my heart every time I see it. It is here where I found my calling.