July 18, 2011

Summer is always a fun time of the year for many reasons – no snow, no freezing temperatures, swimming pools, the sun, long days. . . It is also the time of year that several dear college friends come “home” to visit. I am always excited when their visit includes a stop at our house.

On this day my friend Brooke was back in Minnesota with her husband and kids. So what do you do when your college friend comes in town? Throw a party of course! Eight adults and ten kids strong, we had a great night of eating, playing and catching up.

While I had them there, I snapped a few family shots. . . The first set is of Brooke and her family:

How did I not realize before how much they look alike?

Next I got to take some shots of our college friends Pete & Karyn and their kids:

Can you tell which kid is more quiet and which is more lively? I think she giggle the entire time!

And finally I caught Amy having a little lovey time with her hubs: