July 10, 2011

Last night I enjoyed a fun session with a mom I have known for several years. I took pregnancy pictures of her with her first; now it was time to take a couple of her pregnant with her second. She also wanted a shot of her and her daughter and then her daughter alone as she is just about to celebrate her second birthday.

I just loved how her daughter’s hair curled in the humidity. In fact I set up for this amazing shot with the sun framing the back of her head and all the curls when I started feeling this pain on my leg. I ignored it at first, but then there was more and more. I looked down only to see hundreds of ants all over my legs; they were stinging me! I had inadvertently kneeled on their nest while setting up to take the picture. Ahhhhh. . . it was a bit traumatic. Luckily mom and child were unscathed. And seeing the pictures, it was all worth it. Here is a little sneak peek: