November 11, 2011

I can’t tell you how excited I saw when I was invited to photograph this home birth. I had taken pictures at hospital births, but never at a home birth. It took forever for November to arrive. . . and then finally it happened. I got the call. What can I say but it was amazing!?! And just what this mama wanted for this birth  . . .

Initially the mom called me on Wednesday morning. Soon after I got there, she started laboring in the tub. She was doing great – relaxing and breathing through each contraction. Then somewhere along the way things started to slow down. Her midwife, Kate of Twin Cities Midwifery, suggested everyone leave to give her space and time. I anxiously waited for the call to come back, but to my amazement it didn’t happen. As I went to bed I was sure I will get the call in the middle of the night, however I woke up rested from a full night’s sleep.

Amazingly this continued until finally on Saturday I got a from Kate – the mom felt like she was ready to push! I jumped in the car and drove straight there. As I entered the space, I was relieved to see I had not missed the birth.

The living room was pretty dark with the exception of the midwife’s flashlight, a candle and one lamp. I got out my best lens for the conditions and started shooting. Just ten minutes after arriving the father and Kate caught a beautiful baby boy.

About two hours after the birth, after mama and baby and dad all had time cuddling, nursing, getting to know one another, Kate conducted the newborn exam. It confirmed what we already knew – this baby was big – 10-pounds big! Can just check out that chubby face . . . so so sweet!

So many thanks to the parents for inviting me into their home for such a special event. It was a wonderful experience! And thanks to Kate and her team for being so welcoming and supportive of birth photography!