February 4, 2012

These little girls where to be my first newborn twin session. I was excited that I would get to travel at the end of January to their home to take pictures with them and their older sister. However their entrance was a little early and they both needed to spend time in the NICU. In situations like this I offer parents complimentary NICU sessions to help document their newborns journey. The girls were a a couple weeks old when I went to see them in the hospital.  Megan is the younger, larger twin in the pink onesie. Her older sister Anna is small & wearing a brown onesie.

By the end of the shoot is was apparent to me that Anna was quite a bit more fragile. After returning home I receive an email from their mom saying that Anna would be needing open heart surgery the next week. Anna’s surgery went well and about a week later I visited again. Megan has already been discharged and Anna was looking stronger. I could see that she was tracking movement better. While I was there she hung out with her mom while Megan took a snooze in her dad’s arms.

Looking forward to getting to do their newborn shoot once Anna is out of the hospital!