December 30, 2012

Megan Crown Photography birth

2012 was a great year for births at Megan Crown Photography! I was honored to be asked to capture fourteen births. Here is how it all broke down:
Singletons: 13
Twins: 1
Girls: 7
Boys: 8
Home births: 5
Planned hospital births: 7
Transfers to the hospital: 2
Planned midwife attended births: 13
Planned OB attended births: 1
Births attended by midwives: 10
Births attended by doctors: 4
Water Births: 6
Vaginal Births: 13
C-sections: 1
Inductions: 2
Non-medicated births: 9
Shortest time at a birth: 3 hours
Longest time at a birth: 35+ hours (I lost track after a while)

Some “firsts” for me in 2012 included the birth of twins, a breech birth and attending a hospital transfer. Thank you to all my birth clients who invited me to be present to capture such a special event. Thank you to all the midwives, doctors nurses, doulas who were supportive (or at least tolerant) of my presence. I can’t wait to see what 2013 brings – a birth center birth perhaps??? PRETTY PLEASE =)