December 30, 2012

A portion of 2012’s client purchases was given back to one of four organizations that has touched my heart in one way or another. Clients picked which one organization they wanted the donation to go to. I calculated the totals and yesterday was excited to make contributions to the following organizations:

The American Cancer Society, dedicated to helping persons who face cancer, received a $127 donation. I placed this in honor of my mother who lost her battle to cancer 4 years ago.

I placed the largest donation, $321, to the non-profit organization called Food for Hungry Minds! This organization is run by my friend and former colleague Margie Koch. This non-profit creates schools for disadvantaged children in the poorest areas of the world. To find out more about its story, I encourage you to that a peek at their website:

A donation of $58 went to the Autism Society of MN, which exists to enhance the lives of individuals with autism spectrum disorders. My husband and I have benefited from their resources upon learning our daughter was on the spectrum. It is great to be able to give back!

The final donation of $76 went to Christ’s Children Ministries. This is an amazing ministry run by a friend of mine in the Phillips area of Minneapolis. It aims to build Christian community among unchurched families in south central Minneapolis through a ministry of outreach and discipleship to children and pastoral care and nurture for their families.

Thank you to all the amazing clients I had this year for making these donations possible! I look forward to supporting more local and international groups in the next year.