July 31, 2014

Welcome to the next installment in BIRTH WEEK! Today’s focus is on baby Teo. Originally baby Teo was going to be born at Health Foundations Birth Center. However after several days of laboring without significant progression, the decision was made to transfer to the hospital. This is where I joined this soon-to-be family of three.

When I arrived the room was cozy and dark except for the flicker of some electric candles. Dad and the doula were doing a great good of keeping mom comfortable and in good spirits. Despite her lengthy time in labor, this mom was strong and positive.

Hours later the decision was made for mom to have surgery. I was not allowed into the OR, so I gave my camera to the doula to use. I donned scrubs and waited to be allowed into the recovery room.

After about 45 minutes dad and baby appeared. I was able to capture lots of sweet pictures of baby and dad, the newborn exam and first moments with mom breastfeeding. However it was obvious that days of labor and the surgery had taken their toll on the mom. I knew that pictures were not priority at that moment. So I suggested coming back the next day to capture photos of them as a family. When I arrived back at the hospital the next day, I could tell how much of a difference time and rest had made. Mom was glowing and dad looked to happy and proud. What a sight!

Hugo-birth-photographer-c-section-hospital-birth-01 Hugo-birth-photographer-c-section-hospital-birth-02 Hugo-birth-photographer-c-section-hospital-birth-03 Hugo-birth-photographer-c-section-hospital-birth-04 Hugo-birth-photographer-c-section-hospital-birth-05 Hugo-birth-photographer-c-section-hospital-birth-06 Hugo-birth-photographer-c-section-hospital-birth-07 Hugo-birth-photographer-c-section-hospital-birth-08 Hugo-birth-photographer-c-section-hospital-birth-09 Hugo-birth-photographer-c-section-hospital-birth-10 Hugo-birth-photographer-c-section-hospital-birth-11 Hugo-birth-photographer-c-section-hospital-birth-12 Hugo-birth-photographer-c-section-hospital-birth-13 Hugo-birth-photographer-c-section-hospital-birth-14 Hugo-birth-photographer-c-section-hospital-birth-15 Hugo-birth-photographer-c-section-hospital-birth-16


The Birth Without Fear meet-up is coming to Minneapolis! I’ll be capturing it along with two other talented birth photographers (Peace Love Babies and Jennifer Liv Photography), so we’re celebrating with a giveaway!

All three of us are giving away two Basic tickets (1 each to 2 winners) to the Birth Without Fear meet-up, and you can enter by following Birth Week. You can gain multiple entries to the contest by heading to my blog every day this week and following the instructions at the bottom of the post to enter!

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