October 28, 2011

This mama has a special place in my heart. Not only did I get to photograph her maternity session but any day now I will photograph her (and my first) home birth. For this session we had no major agenda – mostly it would give us a chance to know each other a little before being together at the birth.

We met at the Guthrie to start in the Amber Room. It is a fun space with all the reflections and the city view. Next we decided to go across the Stone Arch Bridge so we could have the city in the background. This is the most amazing part of the experience for me. Since this mama bikes everywhere, not only did she have her bike with her, but it had a place for a passenger.

I have never ridden on the back of anything. Once I made peace with my guilt at having a very pregnant mom bike me around, it was awesome. The weather was perfect and both of us were happy to have an excuse to be outside.  I kept wondering what people thought as they saw us riding back and forth across the bridge; it must have been a sight! I wish I had had someone snap a picture.

The session ended with a couple of bare tummy shots taken at her house. I knew at the time we had captured some beautiful pictures, however when I got home I was able to see they were even better!